Check out the Dioramas I have done in 2019.

DIORAMA: Q. D. "Quick-Draw" McGraw, Bounty Hunter

"Quick-Draw" gets a new horse whose name is Rustler and is a solid buckskin.  Together they will ride the lands in search of criminals and bring them to justice.  Quigley (his real first name) is a custom figure created by my friend, Tommy Alligood, and he is one of my favorite figures.

DIORAMA: Greeting at the Fence

These are a few of the custom horses I have done in 2019 all together in one place for a change!  They are all coming over to greet you at the fence!

DIORAMA: Native Americans on Their Prized Horses

 This was a gathering of the Natives to compare their prized horses and talk about the upcoming herd they will acquire. 

DIORAMA: Hunting with Burros and the Mule

  Sebastian Sinclair and his wife, Patty, relax before their big hunting trip with their mule and two new burros.  Clarence West, caretaker of their small homestead, tends to the animals then waves good-bye to Sebastian and Patty as they leave, fully loaded, on a hunt for furs and food.

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