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Here are some dioramas I completed in 2017.  There are more on Page 2.

DIORAMA: Christmas 2017, Johnny West Style!

  Christmas is about friends and family.  Johnny West and his clan are no different.  Merry Christmas!

DIORAMA: A Fond Farewell


The only sad part about breeding horses is that they must be sold to keep the ranch going.  Elizabeth McShane says good-bye to one of her favorite home-growns, Apache, who was shipped to Kay in Texas.  Elizabeth gets in one more ride before Apache goes.  Clarence West will miss Apache, too.  Clarence makes sure Apache is safe in the trailer before he takes off across the country to deliver his precious cargo.

Around the Ranch

These are some random shots taken around the different ranch set-ups I had in 2017.

DIORAMA: Buffalo Hunt on the Prairie

They've found the herd of buffalo--now they must quietly stalk them and attack when the time is right.  After a successful hunt, they head back to their village.

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I do not have a chance to work on my creations as much as I would like, but I am keeping at it!   Please continue to check back to see what's new, and thanks for your visit! 

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