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Please enjoy viewing more of my 2017 Dioramas, including a wedding, a party and a new pony with a foal!

DIORAMA: Zachariah West Returns

After a long trip to town, Zachariah West returns home to find many of his friends and family waiting to celebrate with him.

DIORAMA: Jubal Gibson Buys A Pig

  Jubal Gibson had been looking for some good pig stock for awhile when he heard about the Circle X Ranch.  After driving over in the buckboard, Jubal found the pig he wanted.  Once loaded, Jubal said his thanks and good-byes and headed home with his new addition.

DIORAMA: New Pony With Foal Arrives

  Foaling Season is almost over at the Circle X Ranch.  With the help of friends and family, Janice West brings home her new pony, Butterscotch, with foal by her side.  The ponies are settling in to their new home.  A grand time was had by all.

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