Welcome to my 2018 Dioramas Page 2

These are the dioramas I've done in 2018.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did while putting them together!

DIORAMA: An Unfortunate Find


Sheriff Pat Garrett comes across a poor homesteader who was ambushed in an Indian raid and killed, along with his horse.  Looks like they were picked clean. No identification was found, so Pat did the best he could with a makeshift grave marker and said a few bible verses before he left. 

DIORAMA: Shep's Mercantile/Trading Post

  Scotty O'Toole has taken over for his brother, Shep, who was killed in an ambush.  The trappers bring their wares to trade and stock up on supplies.  Scotty welcomes everyone who wants to buy or sell.

DIORAMA: The Bunk House

  Circle X Ranch hands arrive home after a trip to town.   Seth also takes care of the horses--he loves his job, and it shows. Breakfast is served the next morning by Seth Gibson, the cook.    The ranch set-up is actually two Circle X ranches put together.  After all, everyone wouldn't fit in only one!

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I do not have a chance to work on my creations as much as I would like, but I am keeping at it!   Please continue to check back to see what's new, and thanks for your visit! 

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