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These are the dioramas I've done in 2018.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did while putting them together!

DIORAMA: It's a Pony Party

  All the West kids (including many cousins!) take a ride out to the old barn on the back 40.  They all left together, but each group is taking their time, arriving after the others have left.  It's always so peaceful on the ride there, at the old barn, and by the lake.

DIORAMA: A New Horse for Running Doe

Moon Shadow returns from a trip to acquire a new horse for his bride, Running Doe.  Little Hawk, his son,  and Little Fawn accompany Moon Shadow on their new ponies.

DIORAMA: The Buffalo Hunt


Iron Horse, Thunder Hawk and Barking Wolf went on a buffalo hunt.  They were successful, taking only what they needed.  The tribe was waiting for them when they returned, and they all celebrated around the fire with drum playing and conversation.  This diorama is in three sections:  The Hunt;  Return From the Hunt; and After the Hunt--Sitting Around the Fire.

DIORAMA: The Lady Luck Gang Rides Again

  Pearl "Lady Luck" Fortune rides the West robbing from the rich to help the poor.  She is accompanied by her husband, Frank "Golden Boy" Fortune and the rest of her gang:  Belle Hart, Kate Parker, Rose Carlisle and their dog, Shiloh.  They are glad to be at a stopping point where they can remove their disguises and relax a bit until the next job.  They found an abandoned homestead and will spend the night.  Everyone is packing heat, and Frank always carries his bible. Soon, they will be joined by a few other accomplices and ready to pull another job!

DIORAMA: Natives in the Appalachian Mountains

Some of the Natives go out looking for a new home site in the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia.

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