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1/6 Scale horses

UPDATED: 02/21/2020

UPDATED: 02/21/2020

UPDATED: 02/21/2020UPDATED: 02/21/2020

welcome to my new, updated website

It all began with Johnny West . . .

 This site is all about my favorite childhood toys--Johnny West and The Best of the West!  When my parents moved our family down to Florida from Canada in 1969, I was unable to bring my whole collection of Johnny West stuff.  Parting with my favorite toys was hard.  Once in Florida and through the years, I had many other things to worry about.  Now that I'm older, I found I was longing for that connection to my youth.  It all started when my husband of 30 years got me a Johnny West doll and the Covered Wagon with the wheeled horse for Christmas in 2012.  It's his fault :) ...I'm hooked again. I have managed to get back almost all the pieces I had when I was a kid, and then some.  I used to repaint horses (Breyers mostly) but did some Marx horses, and find that I enjoyed doing that; so I have started doing it again.  Pictures will be posted as they are complete.

It's just a hobby . . .

In my early years of getting back into repainting the horses, I had to sell most of my creations to pay for additional horses and supplies.  Lately, I have been keeping my creations but do offer a few for adoption from time to time.  They will be posted here or on ebay.  Thanks for looking!

To see some of my work ...

The links below will take you to individual pages indexing each of my figures/animals as they are completed. Throughout the site are dioramas and galleries showing pictures of them with tack, clothing, weapons, accessories and props made by some of the folks I've shown on my "Links" page.  I hope you enjoy your visit here!  


1/6 Scale Horses


Click photo to see 1/6 Scale horse creations!

1/6 Scale Cattle


Click here to see 1/6 scale cattle creations!

1/6 Scale Pigs


Click here to see 1/6 scale pig creations!

Custom 1/6 Scale Figures/Heads


Click here to see 1/6 scale custom figures!



Click here to see Old West Dioramas with Johnny West and the gang!



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Thank you for your visit!

I hope you enjoy your visit here.  Please keep checking back for new customs!