Horses and Mules - 2020

These are the horses and mules I have completed in 2020.

Information About my 1/6 Scale Equine Creations

      All my current repaints/resculpts are hand-sanded in the direction of the horse's natural hair pattern for a more realistic finish.  They are hand-painted (no air brushing) with brushes in the direction of the horse's natural hair pattern, again for a more realistic look.  They are not perfect.  Some of the small old scrapes/dings in the models may still be in the bodies.  Please note that I do not paint over any horses that are in really good condition--the ones I use have mostly melt marks, scrapes and gouges--and a few have broken tails that have been repaired expertly. I like to think that I am giving them new "life."  I do not use a sealant on the paint due to humidity in my area, but I usually put anywhere from 4-5 coats of paint on each horse.  The paint may chip if the horse is dropped or while putting on or taking off your saddles, etc.; therefore, I do not recommend these for children.  I also recommend that you don't store the horses with tack on.  

     I do have some creations available from time to time and they will be marked as such on my website--please check ebay (my ebay ID is littlehorsepower) or drop me an email at cannot order directly from my website.   Prices do not include shipping--send me your zip code for a shipping quote.  


Completed in 2020



Coming soon...stay tuned!



Coming soon...stay tuned!



Chestnut Pinto Comanche



Solid Chestnut Marx Comanche, "Cinnamon"



Blue Roan (Blue Corn) Marx Thunderbolt, "Blue"



Palomino Overo Pinto Marx Thunderbolt with one blue eye, "Romeo"


This is Rebecca West riding a Marx Thunderbolt resculpted/repainted to a palomino tobiano pinto.  Tack is by Ben's Custom Tack.

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 I do not have a chance to work on my creations as much as I would like, but I am keeping at it!   Please continue to check back to see what's new, and thanks for your visit! 

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