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Welcome to Little Horsepower

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Tack above by Ben's Custom Tack.

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This site is all about my favorite childhood toys--Johnny West and The Best of the West!  When my parents moved our family down to Florida from Canada in 1969, I was unable to bring my whole collection of Johnny West stuff.  Parting with my favorite toys was hard.  Once in Florida and through the years, I had many other things to worry about.  Now that I'm older, I found I was longing for that connection to my youth.  It all started when my husband of 28 years got me a Johnny West doll and the Covered Wagon with the wheeled horse for Christmas in 2012.  It's his fault :) ...I'm hooked again. I have managed to get back almost all the pieces I had when I was a kid, and then some.  I used to repaint horses (Breyers mostly) but did some Marx horses, and find that I enjoyed doing that; so I have started doing it again.  Pictures will be posted as they are complete.

Enjoy your visit here.  

I have recently started painting Marx recast/vintage heads.  Click here to see custom-painted heads and action figures.

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Some pictures of part of my collection back in the mid to late sixties:

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My brother, Billy, made props for me back then; and he's made more for my Johnny West clan making 1:6 scale props.  The tack was made by me back in the 70's!


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Other Stuff that I used to do:

Tiny Tack


Stuff I still do (on occasion):


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Thanks for visiting--hope to see you back again soon!


Home For Sale 1:6 Scale Horses Cattle 1-6 Customs Pigs & Hogs Dioramas Props and Buildings Gallery Tack Room Links 1:6 Action Figures

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Little Horsepower

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Disclaimer:  Please note that items shown are intended for adult collectors and may not be suitable for young children.   Also note that since we are in Florida, we have a humid climate--the wood may cure differently in an arid environment.  We appreciate any and all feedback in that regard, as well as any other issues, so we can improve on the next one! 

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