From the 1970's . . .

I had a small tack-making business for Breyers when I was in my teens.  It took up a lot of my time and I think my eyes went bad from looking at such tiny things!  Look at those prices!  Back in those days, it was hard to find good tack for model horses.  There was a company called Mini-Tack that had some items, but they were not very authentic-looking.  Granted, the ones I made were pretty basic, but they had a lot more detail than the only other tackmaker at the time. The tackmakers of today have come a long way, and it is hard to tell that you are actually looking at something in miniature (see my LINKS page for examples of fine tackmakers today!).

Please note that this tack is not available and these are only photos of what the brochure looked like back then--I no longer make tack.




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