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Diorama:  An Unfortunate Find

Sheriff Pat Garrett comes across a poor homesteader who was ambushed in an Indian raid and killed, along with his horse.  Looks like they were picked clean. No identification was found, so Pat did the best he could with a makeshift grave marker. 

Sheriff Pat Garrett happens upon a small homestead during is travels.

Looks like whoever was here had a heck of a party.

Something catches Pat's eye.

Pat gets off his horse to investigate.

This poor guy and his horse didn't have a chance.   The spear tells the story.

No telling how long they've been here--one thing's for sure--they've been picked clean.

Pat decided to get a drink of water when he noticed something hidden in the bushes behind the well.

A shovel..just what Pat needs to give this poor farmer a decent burial.

Pat picks a spot and starts to dig.

Pat says a few words and reads scripture from his Bible, which he never leaves home without.  He marks the grave with what he could find and writes the history.  Pat could find no identification anywhere on the homestead.

After saying his final words, Pat surveys the scene one last time and saddles up to return home.




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