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Last Updated:  06/09/16

The Two-Room Cabin

This is the last creation of my brother, Billy.  It is a two-room cabin with windows.  It is completely collapsible for easy shipping or storage.  Dimensions of the main room are 24"x 24" inside; the bedroom is 16" x 16", and the front porch is an additional 8" wide.  The height to the peak of the bedroom roof is 21" and the height to the peak of the living area is 23".  There is a removable wood patio in front of the bedroom; and there is also a lean-to on the opposite end of the bedroom for storage.  The whole thing has been stained with a light pecan stain.The stone fire place was handcrafted by Billy.  He is amazing!  This cabin can be broken down to just the main room with the fireplace where the bedroom and lean-to are removed.  Scroll down for more pictures of that.

The rustic cabin and the outhouse are shown to the right of the two-room cabin.

Photos below show the cabin as a whole and then with the bedroom portion removed, as well as the lean-to portion removed--just in case space is tight or you want to display it differently.

Look how easy it is to disassemble after lifting off the roof pieces!




Home Up For Sale 1:6 Scale Horses Cattle 1-6 Customs Gallery Tack Room Links

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