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Last Updated:  08/25/15

The 8x8 Miner's Cabin

This cabin is 16" x 16" inside (real measurements), and the front porch is an additional 6" wide.  It is 12-1/4" high at the peaks on the end walls, and 17" high on the side walls.  All walls and roofs are removable and the entire cabin is collapsible for easy storage.  It assembles or disassembles in minutes.   You can remove one half or both halves of the roof to take pictures, or you can take one or two walls off to take pictures from the side.  This is a must-have item for any 1:6 scale enthusiast!!!

Shown below is Cabin No. 1 Stained

Shown below is Cabin No. 2 (Stained)


Shown below is Cabin No. 2 (Unstained)




Shown below is Cabin No. 1 Unstained